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Our Mission

Fighting for animals, people and the environment... since 1983

In Defense of Animals is an international animal protection organization with over 250,000 supporters and a 30-year history of fighting for animals, people and the environment through education, campaigns and hands-on rescue facilities in India, Africa, and rural Mississippi.

Your support is vital to In Defense of Animals' efforts to protect animals, prevent their abuse and rescue them from harm - whether in the dog and cat meat markets of South Korea, the streets of India, the countryside of the rural South- or suffering in circuses, zoos, aquariums, factory farms, or slaughterhouses.

Since 1983, In Defense of Animals has been dedicated to ending the most egregious cruelties committed toward animals, and to fighting their exploitation and mistreatment. We hope we can count on your support to continue our ongoing programs, campaigns and emergency response operations to help animals wherever and whenever possible.

Sadly, the animals desperately need our help. We can only give it with the help of caring people like you. Please generously support In Defense of Animals' lifesaving work by including us in your will.

Thank you for your consideration and dedication to this most important cause.

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